Emilee Johnson

Growing up with dogs, Emilee could not wait to have one of her own. Throughout college, Emilee found her love for human fitness and spent most of her free time bettering herself physically and mentally. After obtaining her undergraduate degree in Criminology/Criminal Justice, Emilee went on to receive her Master of Science in CCJ. During her graduate school years she found two of her trusty sidekicks, Maizey and Kota! As cute as they were, the pair presented a few challenges physically and behaviorally! Emilee spent much time researching ways to help her sweet girls. In the process of researching she discovered raw feeding and alternative approaches to assisting her dogs physically. Ultimately, when her dogs felt better, they behaved better! Just like humans, behavior can be affected in dogs when they don't feel their best. She quickly fell in love with the process and realized that her passion for fitness and health could expand to her canine companions as well. It was clear how much proper nutrition and exercise benefited her dogs physically and mentally. This led to Emilee wanting to help all of the other dogs and humans struggling with physical and behavioral issues through proper exercise and nutrition!

Emilee has two years of experience in behavior modification ranging from basic to serious, her Certification as a Raw Food Nutrition Specialist through Dogs Naturally Magazine University, and received her Diploma in Canine Nutrition through CASI. She also has completed her Canine First Aid/CPR course through a veterinary professional!

Shilee Rathjen

Shilee is an animal lover through and through, and has spent much of her life training horses and caring for her dogs. It was her compassion for critters both big and small and her individual spirit that eventually led her to earn her Bachelor’s degree in Biology and pursue her dream of starting her own business – RuffLife. Despite juggling her time between family and her business, Shilee found and rescued her best friend and employee – a little Pitty/Lab mix named Callie. “Cal Pal” was a very happy girl right from the get-go and settled right in with her family, but started experiencing serious digestive issues that would bring her normally jubilant spirits down and leave her bed ridden. Worried about the long-term effects of Callie’s illness, Shilee began researching canine nutrition and fitness and quickly realized that Callie could benefit from a raw diet. The uplifting effects on Callie’s spirits and her physical appearance were noticeable within days and she was able to start traveling on the job every day with her mom. Shilee knew she could use her knowledge and experience to help other dogs through proper nutrition and exercise. Shilee takes pride in putting science behind her work! She is currently certified as a Raw Food Nutrition Specialist through Dogs Naturally Magazine University. She is also pursuing certifications in Pet Food Nutrition and Acute Canine Herbalism through DNMU, and received her Diploma in Canine Nutrition through CASI.

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