Redefining the fit canine starts with understanding where we are today in terms of canine health. We are oddly used to seeing overweight dogs, so much so that many owners do not even realize that their dogs are overweight. In 2017, 56% of dogs were considered overweight or obese in the United States. Obesity is the accumulation of excess body fat, creating a heavier dog. A study of Labrador Retrievers found that even SLIGHTLY overweight labs had their life expectancy reduced by two years compared to their leaner counterparts. Oddly enough, a dog's gut is linked to emotional and cognitive functions. Research shows that a healthy gut facilitates motivation and higher cognitive functions! It makes sense, considering that about 80% of your dogs overall health starts in the gut. A study conducted in 2019 found there is an "aggression-associated physiological state that interacts with the gut microbiome." 

What we are trying to say is that your dog's gut and physical wellness is super important in terms of physical health but also behavioral health!

There are many benefits to implementing a proper exercise and nutrition regime into your dogs' daily life. Unfortunately, everyday owners are often not equipped with the knowledge or time to meet their dogs' innate needs. When dogs feel pent up and have not had their needs met, they often make bad decisions that result in a very frustrating relationship! We want to make it easier for the humans, and more beneficial for the dogs living in their homes.

Exercise your dog daily? Good for you! Adding the Self Propelled Treadmills to your weekly routine will switch their workouts up, give their joints a rest from fetch or running on concrete, and will give your dog something to sleep about!


  • ​Increases CONFIDENCE in your dog

  • Allows for your dog to feel physically SATISFIED

  • ​DECREASES or REMOVES unwanted behaviors such as destruction, anxiety, barking, excess energy​

  • COMBATS common health issues



  • ​Increases brain function and cognitive ability

  • Meets your dogs primordial needs

  • Chewing, ripping, and gnawing on appropriate raw food ​releases endorphins and actually makes your dog FEEL good!

  • Providing species appropriate food helps your dog to THRIVE and keep their immune system HEALTHY

  • Maintaining a HEALTHY immune system reduces the risk of illness and disease

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