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There are so many factors that play into dogs getting their everyday exercise needs met. Weather, populated areas, lack of exercise space or time, and behavior issues are all examples of factors that may make it difficult to help your dog feel satisfied!

With our Climate Controlled Mobile Unit, we are able to make it easier for dogs to get an incredible daily workout, but also easier for the owners! Your dog will no longer feel restless for hours on end or have pent up energy ready to burst! Your dog's needs can now be met regardless of a crazy work schedule, the weather, space, and so much more!

Let our Climate Controlled Mobile Unit make your job as a dog owner so much easier!


Our state of the art"slatmills", more commonly referred to as SELF-PROPELLED TREADMILLS, are one of the best physical and mental exercises that your dog could participate in. By SELF-PROPELLED, we mean that your dog powers the machine. Your dog can run as fast or slow as they choose. The slatmill meets both physical and mental exercise needs by requiring your dog to power it! 

The slatmill in a mobile setting allows for us to properly exercise your dog no matter the weather, lack of outside exercise space, or other environmental stimuli! A quick walk around the block or a few minutes of fetch is not enough to adequately meet your dog's needs, but the exercise provided on the slatmill is!

The Self Propelled Treadmill allows for your dog to get any pent up energy out in a healthy and focused way.

balance and conditioning

Balance and Conditioning work have many benefits to your dogs physical and mental health. Just like for humans, it is important for dogs to have balance, stability, and mobility as they age. Your dog will have more body awareness,  which will in turn create more strength and stability in everyday activities. 

Balance and Conditioning work also provides a very beneficial mental exercise. Dogs are asked to slow down and make calculated movements, which teaches them how to use their brains and make good decisions in life.

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