Canine Team Members

We wouldn't be where we are today without our canine companions. They are what keeps us going, what inspires us, and who we couldn't do life without!

Meet the Canine Team Members!


HEY EVERYONE! I've got a zest for life that is unexplainable, and pretty much love everyone and everything in it! I was adopted from NHS when I was just under a year and haven't looked back! My favorite things include playing frisbee with my mom, playing WWE style with my coworker Huckle, and snuggling with my parents. Oh and I'm super good at being cute.


Hello friends! I've been told that I may be the sweetest girl in the land! I love, love, LOVE people and will make sure you know that I love you! I'm happiest when I'm cuddled up to my mom or showing off my cool tricks like "high five". I also enjoy all of the conditioning work that my mom teaches me... I feel super confident when I do it! 


What's up?! Got a job for me? Need a lightbulb changed? I can do it! I'm a firecracker of a girl that would go, go, go if given the chance. I take enjoyment out of playing a million rounds of fetch, learning new tricks and commands, and at the end of the day lounging on the couch watching TV! My mom says that I'm a mix of sweet, sassy, and a little bit of crazy. And whew do I know it!


HELLO EVERYONE MY NAME IS HUCKLE BUCKLE DID YOU HEAR THAT?! My mom foster failed me about a year ago and who could blame her? I was a super scared boy when I found my family but now I am a wild child that is always looking for trouble! When my mom started focusing on building my confidence through exercise and conditioning, I came flying out of my shell. I am really good at squirrel hunting, inciting riots, and making everyone laugh.


Koda and Poppy

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